Our Team


Prudence Spratt

Decisive, intelligent and endlessly optimistic, Prudence is the mainstay member of the Dream Team at Spratt Consulting, which she founded in 2013. She’s been a “lover of all things tech” her entire life, and this passion – coupled with her MBA-backed business acumen – is the driving force that powers her business. Entrepreneurship is in her genes, after all – Prudence hails from a large family, who are predominantly entrepreneurs and business owners themselves. Outside of work, Prudence balances a lifelong love for travel with quality time here at home in SA, playing with her nieces and nephew and relaxing at home with her two labradors, Bear and Ellie.

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Hassan Mwasisebe

Laid-back, friendly and extremely focused, Hassan is Head Developer at Spratt Consulting. Since joining us in 2015, his devotion to problem-solving, passion for programming and reliable work ethic have made him an indispensable part of the Dream Team. Hassan counts PHP and Java amongst the languages he’s perfected, and aims to become a skilled C# developer soon too. Though he’s building a solid career around what he is most passionate about, when he isn’t working Hassan enjoys soccer and eSports, and is an avid cricket fan.


Amber Jacobsen

Witty, conscientious and detail-orientated, Amber is a Junior Consultant at Spratt Consulting. A User Experience Designer, she is a passionate advocate for user-centric design and stands by her mantra that “common practice and best practice aren’t one and the same”. A member of the Dream Team since 2013, she has completed diploma courses in Digital Marketing and Project Management, and aims to develop her practical skills in the latter. Amber is our Digital Copywriter and – like most of the team – does “a little bit of everything” to keep the wheels turning. In her downtime she enjoys cooking, reading and painting, as well as traveling and spending time with her family.


Darren Lew

Gentle-natured, inquisitive and occasionally mischievous, Darren is a Junior Digital Specialist at Spratt Consulting. A member of the Dream Team since 2016, he balances his roles of client-facing account manager and lesser-spotted website developer, seamlessly. A fast learner, Darren is sharpening his Social Media Marketing and Digital Copywriting skills at the office, while simultaneously completing his IT Degree at UNISA. He has also completed a Digital Marketing course, which he puts to good use in his everyday work. When he’s not working, Darren spends his time catching up on series, socialising with friends and – die-hard Chelsea FC fan that he is – keeping up with the goings-on in the world of soccer.

Kirsten Douglas

Quiet, quirky and with a heart of gold, Kirsten is an all-round Digital Specialist at Spratt Consulting. AdWords aficionado and Social Media content connoisseur, Kirsten is an integral part of the Dream Team. A wearer of many ‘hats’, she is a crafter of digital strategies, SEO specialist, content marketer, and a graphic designer by trade. A member of our team since 2015, she aims to further hone her online advertising skills. In her downtime, Kirsten enjoys yoga, watching quiz shows, following many-a-cat-account on Instagram, and is an avid reader of comic-books.

Axel Lukanda

Quiet, smart and highly ambitious – Axel is a Junior Developer and the most recent addition to the Dream Team. A graduate from the Durban Institute of Technology, he holds a B-Tech Degree in Information Technology, and is passionate about Web and Software Development. Axel is a keen problem-solver with a sharp mind and attention to detail, who aims to add Xamarin and Swift to his developer skillset in the near future. Having completed a Digital Marketing diploma course, he also works on online marketing campaigns for a number of our clients. When he isn’t working, Axel enjoys playing and watching soccer with his friends, playing pool and video games and watching tennis.


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