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Project Management of the Hollard Rebrand

Hollard Insurance is South Africa’s largest independently owned insurance group and has an annual turnover of over R15 billion. Spratt Consulting was contracted to Project Manage their rebrand towards the end of 2013, to go live on 24 February 2014.


The project kicked off with a requirements gathering and subsequent sourcing of suppliers. All in all a team of representatives from around 20 teams in varying capacities was formed – from Hollard Digital and marketing gurus to signage and printing experts, to Graphic Designers and beyond. Spratt Consulting was responsible for managing and coordinating all these teams from start to finish – ensuring that all requirements were met on or before schedule, within the allocated budget and without incident.


The onus was on us to report regularly to Hollard’s bigwigs in keeping them up to date the project’s progress and details about any hiccups. Spratt Consulting was also tasked with advising Hollard and its suppliers when it came to best-practice and industry norms, in terms of the decisions made in the rebranding process. Budget for this project was meticulously allocated and every cent spent with absolute necessity – not a penny more, not a penny less.


Much to everyone’s delight, the rebrand project was successful and completed right on time without incident.

I’m humbled by your commitment to our cause and truly grateful that you were part of the team.
Nic Kohler

Group Chief Executive, Hollard

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