Consulting Services

New Product Development

Product development begins with an idea. Spratt Consulting has the ability to shape that idea into a reality. Our unique agile methodology, combined with some of the best in lean principles, is what sets us apart. We begin by developing a thorough understanding your business and its customers, before identifying the most effective way forward. Usually, this means identifying the minimum viable product and choosing the set of features that delivers something of value right off the bat. From this point on it’s about building, measuring, learning and repeating the process. We advocate valuable product releases, often because the most valuable feedback is from the market and your client base.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis is about understanding how your business ticks. It’s about understanding your business’s core value proposition, how it can be improved through effective use of technology – and how that improvement can be measured. Business analysis for us goes beyond business rules and documentation – to ensuring that the technology being applied and the technological processes being followed are adding the appropriate value. Our team, with our veritable wealth of experience in building products, understands that businesses are constantly evolving. Using a phased, lean approach, our business analysts remain an integral part of the project all throughout, and not just during inception.


Enterprise Integration

Automated processes offer businesses a hoard of benefits, including lower labour costs and saved time. Integrated business solutions reduce the headache associated with managing a slew of systems and processes to the same end. We are able to automate time-consuming, manual processes by integrating your business’s crucial operational systems, such as ERPs, Messaging Solutions, Intranet, CRMs and all other auxiliary applications.

Digital Strategy

Consistent, relevant digital content that is both persuasive and customer-centric is a vital part of a successful digital product. We create such content, tailoring it to suit your brand; it’s voice and personality – so as to deliver the right message to your audience at the right time, through the right channels.

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