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Digital Services

We offer a full service digital offering to our clients – click here to see the entire range of web and mobile services we offer…

Consulting Services

Our consulting services focus on solving our clients’ most critical issues and taking advantage of their most critical opportunities…

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What We Do

– Spratt Consulting manages risk on behalf of their clients on complex web development projects

– We ensure success of the end to end new product development process

How We Do It

– We do this through expert knowledge of the business requirements and technical infrastructure the project is built on

– We then project manage the build of the project to ensure on time delivery of a quality product every time

Why Choose Spratt

– Our recommendations and results and are transparent and measurable

– The agility of Spratt Consulting’s structure means that we can respond to your business requirements at an expert level while remaining affordable

Digital Training

Working in digital everyday our expertise remains bleeding edge, who better then to learn from…


We specialise in eCommerce enablement – click here to find out about all of the eCommerce services we offer


eCommerce logistics – warehousing and distribution services – we do all the leg work so you can focus on sales…

Digital Strategy

From opening new online business channels through to simple marketing strategy to drive more traffic to your site

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    Spratt Consulting

    The first Africa Shared Value Summit will raise awareness and advocate for the strategic implementation of the Shared Value business model, which brings about social change while positively impacting profit.

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    Great news, but sadly you might still have to rely on your Google Drive.

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    We all need a quick break sometimes to try and reset, so here's a step-by-step breathing practice to introduce mindfulness into your work day.

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    Have you got some entrepreneurial spirit? There's plenty of opportunities to make 2017 your year!

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    Quiz time! Test yourself and see what the research says about the most productive ways to work.

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    Do you need a new website, or would like to update your current one? From copywriting to SEO Services, Front End Development to Web Analytics, we have everything to create amazing websites. Contact us today!

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    If the main focus of your digital marketing is Facebook, you could be on the right track.

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    How do you connect emotionally with your target market? Do you add in a bit of surprise? A dash of puzzlement?

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    How information is harnessed and capitalised upon is always going to be a valuable asset to your business, so here are Swpix's five key Business Intelligence (BI) trends to look out for in 2017.

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    Spratt Consulting

    How does your company respond to angry tweets? Do you have a good process to support users?

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